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Who we are

Re-Marketing Group was founded in 2007 by a former independent grocer who, since the early 1980's, bought and sold issue-oriented products through the family grocery stores in Southern California. They bought everything from soup to nuts, and drove the competition, well, bananas. Truckloads of this, pallets of that, they bought anything and everything. Leftover Halloween merchandise in November, Christmas merchandise on Valentine’s Day, a dropped pallet here, a truckload there. Nothing ever went to waste, continually adding value for all.

Some 36 years later, and now a wholesale only operation, that is still our founding principle - adding value for all concerned. Adding value by buying and remarketing underused or unused assets to an ever-growing group of buyers all across the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America.

We are still Southern California based, but we now pick up and warehouse all across the country and from there proudly service some of the smallest retailers you have never heard of. We help keep their business in business. We figure the big guys get their share so we don’t shop for them, but rather stick to our roots - the little guy.

Groceries.Juices.Drinks.Water.Confection.Frozen.Deli. Meat.Bakery.Produce.Ingredients.Institutional.Bulk food.
General Merchandise.Seasonal.Apparel.Health & Beauty - Sporting Goods.Toys.Hardware.Tools.Housewares
Electronics. Equipment. Scrap. Metal. Wood. Paper - Overstocks. Discontinuance. Dating issues. Shelf pulls
Abandonment. Theft recovery. Damage. Fire. Flood.

We give back

In 2015 our team donated approximately 500,000 lbs. of cereal, vegetables, juices, granola bars and other products to those in need.

Our preferred local charity is:
Heart of Compassion
c/o Pastor Eric Tietze

We also supported Toys for Tots, The Breast Cancer Foundation, The Ride for Rwanda, The Wounded Warrior Project, Olive Crest Home,    The Los Angeles Police Department and many, many others.   For additional details on any of these great charities, feel free to contact us.

Payment partners

American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Applepay, cold hard cash


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