Our customer list is made up 100's of discounters, salvage outlets, dollar stores, ethnic inner city independent stores, candy outlets, pinata stores, catering houses, flea market/swapmeet vendors, online sellers, garage sale marketers and many more comprising 1000's of outlets. Additionally, we also directly or indirectly sell to food pantrys, food banks, correctional institutions, school systems, day care centers and more.

We realize you have a choice

Our dedicated team of professionals have over 70 years of hands-on experience in the grocery/off-price/close-out/liquidation/salvage industries. Whether buying or selling, our goal is to save you time and money with timely responses, creative thinking, and profitable solutions.

Services for secondary market retailers and wholesalers

With purchasing expertise since 1982 you can always depend on us for the latest and greatest deals and offerings.

  • Targeted email offerings
  • Free to join - Easy to register, simpler to save
  • Buy the case, layer, pallet or truckload
  • Gourmet food lots
  • Manifested grocery pallets/loads
  • Banana box groceries
  • Case lot Health and Beauty
  • Manifested GM and HBC pallets
  • Private label continuity access
  • Access to one of the largest IN STOCK inventories of factory case, name brand grocery closeouts on the west coast and much more.

Services for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, importers and distributors


We are one of the largest in-stock, value-priced grocery and related redistributor on the west coast. At any given time we will have 100's of sku's on 1000's of pallets on hand. Despite that, we are ALWAYS open to buy.


A team with over 70 years of hands on, practical knowledge in the wholesale and retail sector with a dedicated focus in the secondary market.


Buyers that know the categories and products, sales personnel that know the marketplace adds up to a quicker, cleaner transaction.


We pick up product all across the country using one of the nation’s largest logistics companies saving you time and money. We have a vast database of previously purchased items that allows you access to comparable pricing, trends and supply in the marketplace and more.


Our breadth of buyers avoids channel conflicts, trade disruptions and other concerns. Our current, largest domestic customer has but 15 stores. We have active customers in Canada, Mexico and South America.


Water. A leading national water manufacturer came to us with a production problem where the UPC's on the 6 pack of bottles and the case were identical.  The 6 pack would scan for the price of a case, or worse yet, the case for the price of a 6 pack. A huge problem for them and for their traditional retailers. Using our broad base of customers, we were able to sell the water to secondary market and catering outlets that do not scan. 

Pet food.  A major pet food supplier came to us with 50,000 cases of branded pet food that they wanted re-marketed from their warehouses across the country, with the added caveat that it end up in no "majors" in any retail format. Using a broad database we were able to place all 50,000 cases without any market disruption.

Services for insurers, warehouses, transport companies


Professional staff with expertise in the salvage and liquidation industry having bought and re-marketed a large variety of products. We have bought and sold food products, perishables, bulk commodities and raw materials, household goods, fabrics, furnishings, carpeting, electronics as well as industrial equipment, machinery, lumber, plastics, metals and scrap, commercial paper and pulp.


Nearly 40 years working with insurance companies, adjusters, surveyors, major railroads, freight carriers, shippers, and forwarders. Temperature variations, quality control issues, fire, flood/water damage, derailments and other shipping accidents are but a few of the situational damage recoveries we have worked on.


Thorough and professional, we offer onsite or offsite inspections, incident reports, written inventories, appraisals, offers to purchase, consignment agreements, sales and appraisals. All salvage evaluations include detailed reports with photographs.


In the event where additional services are required, we have years of coordinating site cleanup/clean out, acting as a liaison with shippers and consignees in emergency situations. Experience also includes hiring on-site labor, management and timekeeping of personnel and equipment.


We can arrange pick up and sell anywhere in the country and have access to refrigerated and dry trucks 24/7 through a dedicated fleet of carriers.


We offer Los Angeles based interim secure dry and cold storage and other warehouse services including cross-docking of undamaged cargo.


We can arrange supervised or unsupervised onsite or offsite destruction of product deemed unfit for sale for any reason. Certificates of destruction accompany each completed job.


Honey. An insurer approached us with 2 container loads of imported Indian honey in 55 gallon drums. Due to a fire at sea being extinguished by salt water, the drums showed some exterior rust. After testing, we used our database and located a retailer who was able to buy the bulk honey and re-pack it into retail-sized jars under their own label.

Frozen shrimp. An insurer approached us with a container load of retail frozen shrimp that delivered at a few degrees above set temperature. They did not want the product in any market in their packaging. Through our network we had a buyer who would bulk out the shrimp and save the packaging for a supplier inspection upon completion. Through follow up and follow through and using multiple digital images of the work stages in process, that step was saved.


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